City Plants Two Peace Poles as Symbol of Acceptance and Unity. Beaverton, Oregon

The Rotary of Beaverton working with The Jubitz Family Foundation, planted two Peace Poles in Beaverton. One is outside City Hall, the other in City Park”, Mayor Denny Doyle stated of Peace Poles:  “ a symbol of our commitment to inclusion”

Each pole has “May Peace Prevail On Earth” translated in eight languages. English and Spanish are common to both poles. The other languages are symbolic of the more than 100 languages spoken in the Beaverton School District, which has three times the population of the city itself.

“It is a fitting theme as we are in the midst of our celebration of Welcoming Week and The Diversity of The Communities that make up the City of Beaverton. It is our fifth annual series of events that let people know we are better and stronger because we come from all over the world.”-Mayor Denny Doyle of Beaverton

Peace Pole sponsors are Westside Ultra-Violet, a Women’s Advocacy Group; Rotary Club of Beaverton, and the Central Beaverton Neighborhood Association Committee. Buzz Marron, representing Rotary, said the Jubitz Family Foundation contributed for each pole sponsored by our local Rotary.

“This is a powerful symbolic gesture,” said Maureen Wheeler, who also represented Beaverton’s Rotary.

Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss of Westside Ultra-Violet recited the Prayer for Peace by Mahatma Gandhi.

The ceremony concluded with the singing of “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” accompanied by Hal Davis.

The City Hall pole is next to the U.S. flagpole at the Plaza, and just a few steps away from this are Monuments Honoring the Six Sister Cities of Beaverton. The cities are Birobidzhan, Russia; Cheonan, South Korea; Cluses, France; Gotemba, Japan; Hsingchu, Taiwan, and Trossingen, Germany.

“We have a reminder of how big the world is and how much we need to keep praying for peace,” Doyle said.

May Peace Prevail in Oregon

May Peace Prevail On Earth