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The power of the Message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, lies in its capacity to bring people of various cultures, faith traditions and political ideals together as one united global heart and mind.  May Peace Prevail On Earth, allows us to sincerely focus on our mutual desire to serve, create and manifest true peace on earth while transcending our differences and celebrating our common humanity. 

The May Peace Prevail On Earth movement is a grassroots global movement to inspire, and re-awaken the inherent consciousness of love, peace and harmony which exists in everyone of us. It is a movement to bring inner peace of mind and to foster peace in the world at large.


Members of May Peace Prevail On Earth in Hiroshima
are honored to present LIVE FROM HIROSHIMA
in observance of the 77th anniversary
of the atomic bomb which fell on the City of Hiroshima.
The live event will take place in front of the
Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima Peace Park.

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May Peace Prevail On Earth in the News!

Allanton Peace Sanctuary commemorates  77th Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings – Auldgirth, Dumfries, SCOTLAND

August 7, 2022 We hosted a small community event at Allanton Peace Sanctuary on Sunday the 7th of August to commemorate the 77th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and all the other places around the world living under the threat of nuclear power or weaponry.  We held a beautiful little flag ceremony in the Peace Pole…

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Municipality of Hülben  in association with “Mayors for Peace” plant Peace Pole, Hülben – GERMANY

The Peace Pole stands at the Peter-Härtling-School.  After the municipality of Hülben joined the association “Mayors for Peace” a few weeks ago, the community also wanted to make the idea of peace in Hülben visible. This is announced by the municipality in a press release. In addition to the permanent “Mayor for Peace” flag, a…

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Peace Pole “spotted” in Catch and Release ( 2006) movie — Canada and USA

August 02, 2022 Catch and Release, a romantic comedy drama that includes an event at the Peace Park with a Peace Pole, can be seen in the background of that scene. Location of the Peace Park and Peace Pole is not clear, as filming took place in both Boulder Colorado and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Weekend Retreat at The World Peace Sanctuary-Wassaic, NY – USA

July 30th – 31st, 2022 Theme: “An opportunity to get to know ourselves better through communing with others.” In this unique, 2-day retreat, the attendees also served as the facilitators. In the act of “giving and receiving” everyone quickly realized, we were also serving the whole, collectively—simply through the exchange of energy.  The program was…

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Spreading Peace “One Step at a Time”  Chicago, Illinois – USA

July 27, 2022 Steps leading up to the home of Larry & Peggy Tomaszek welcome all in the spirit of peace.  Peggy is a member of The Peace School in Chicago, IL and is committed to spreading the message of peace!  Thank you Peggy and Larry.  

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“I geek non-violence.”  May Peace Prevail On Earth!  Connecticut – USA

July 2022 Dennis has been a member of the Rotary Club of Westport Sunrise (Connecticut, USA) in District 7980 for close to 10 years. Having been involved in many Rotary programs and projects, Dennis became convinced that the peace area of focus provides the impetus to addressing and solving a wide range of social problems and…

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Peace Pals International In The News – The ACU Review – On The Cover – Teni from Nigeria

July 14, 2022 Peace Pals International was contacted by a senior editor of The ACU (The Association of Commonwealth Universities) Review, requesting permission to select and use one of our young artists paintings for the cover of an upcoming edition, which focussed on Sports and Peace… Peace Pal Internationals theme for 2020. The Association of…

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Two Year Old Creates Flag Mandala – GERMANY

July 14, 2022 The 2 year old son of a project coordinator named, Björn from the “School on the Move” in North Germany, colored flags and made a mandala around his father’s  mini Peace Pole. His son, age 2, went to grab his colored pencils and wanted to color flags! Once he finished, he took Björn’s…

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The Experience of a Peace Pole Planting in Trige, DENMARK

July 14, 2022 The day before the installation of the Peace Pole, me and my life partner brought out the Peace Pole in the garden, we did some trials to find the best place to plant it. Few hours later in the early afternoon, we noticed an incredible dark circle in the sky, surrounded by…

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Peace Pole was gifted to John Hewko, General Secretary and CEO at Rotary International Headquarters, in Evanston, Illinois – USA

Submitted: 2022 Jennifer Jones (Rotary president-elect 2022-23) appears with Rotarians from District 7980 at the 2018 International Convention event, in Canada.  This Peace Pole (in photograph) was gifted to John Hewko, General Secretary and CEO at Rotary International Headquarters, in Evanston, Illinois-USA.

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The Virtual Global Peace Pole Map

Embrace the Earth in an Aura of Peace
Add a Peace Pole you have planted   •  Add a Peace Pole you have spotted    Add a Virtual Peace Pole anywhere you wish in the world.
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This is a public crowdsourced map, there is no guarantee to the exact locations of Peace Poles.
If you have an actual location of a peace pole on our map or any general questions or in need of support, please email:


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Gratitude to the Ancestors of the Land - ReAwakening the Soul of America

Join us in an interactive SlideShow presentation to connect with the ancestors of the land to empower
and reawaken the spirit and soul of America to its fullest and highest potential.  
May peace be in all the indigenous nations / May peace be in the United States of America
May Peace Prevail On Earth

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The Power of Thought 
Thought forms create an energetic field strong enough
to empower the course of planetary destiny. 

The Power of Words 
Words carry vibrations strong enough to inspire, heal and transform  the human heart as well as the Kingdom of plants, animals and all creation. 

The Power of May Peace Prevail On Earth
May Peace Prevail On Earth is an all inclusive message.
It is a meeting place of the heart, bringing together people of all faiths, backgrounds and cultures to embrace the Oneness of our planetary family.

Our Mission is Simple 
To spread the Universal Message of Peace, May Peace Prevail On Earthfar and wide to embrace the lands and people of this Earth.