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First Church to Dedicate a Newly Erected Peace Pole on Sunday, Greenwich, CT-USA

March 29, 2023 On Sunday April 2, after 10:00 am worship, First Church Pastors Reverend Patrick Collins, and Reverend Cydney Van Dyke, will host a dedication ceremony for the newly erected Peace Pole. The first...
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Bell for Peace and Friendship inspired by peace message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” – Lienz, Austria.

Submitted: March 28, 2023 Dear all, Today,  I sent out our Goi Peace Essay Competition 2023 and amongst the replies was one from the URI  “Peace Through Education“ in Lienz, Austria. The woman asked me...
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Peace Pole in Red Wing Michigan – USA

March, 28, 2023 The snow is gone so I got a picture of the Peace Pole. Hope all is well.Take care. Bill HabedankMichigan, USA
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Celebrating the ‘Day of the Master’ at Casa della Pace in Montegiove, Umbria – Italy

March 24, 2023 Every year on March 24th, members of the international Agni Yoga community celebrate ‘The Day of the Master’ – a time to reconsecrate one’s life to serving the Divine Plan in cooperation...
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Ideas to Decorate a Peace Pole – Reichenbach, Waldbronn, Germany

Photograph and News Submitted: March-2023Peace Pole Planted: March-2013 Ten years ago, this month, March-2013, this Peace Pole was planted. The owner of the shop for wellness beds, called, LebeGut in Waldbronn, sent me the photograph of...
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Heart Opening Sound Meditation at The World Peace Sanctuary, Wassaic, NY – USA

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023 The theme of the evening was self-care and self-love.  A journey to opening the Heart. Relaxing both the body and mind during this yummy 60-minute guided sound meditation led by Cristina Reyes-Schleifer.  This...
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Peace Pole mystery solved at the Park along the River, Albany, New York – USA

March 15, 2023 Two mysteries came our way this past week. One was solved fairly quickly with a bit of research. It concerns the Park Along the River. Many people have never noticed it but...
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Ugandan school thriving, thanks to Brisbane Water Rotary – Buwampa, UGANDA

March 15, 2023 A primary school in Uganda is thriving, thanks largely to the efforts of Brisbane Water Rotary Secretary Sue O’Neill.  Buwampa is located in Buikwe District of the Central Region, Uganda. O’Neill recently...
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Rotary Peace Pole placed in the atrium at Hermiston HS, Hermiston – Oregon – USA

February 20, 2023 This is the picture of the Peace Pole at Hermiston High School, located at 600 S 1st Street, Hermiston, Oregon.  There is a reflection from a window as the Peace Pole has been...
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Heartfelt Sound Bath Meditation at The World Peace Sanctuary, Wassaic, NY – USA

February 14, 2023 Cristina Reyes-Schleifer led the group into a ‘heartful’ meditation by implementing the principles from the Heart Math Institute. At the Heart Math Institute the mission is to help awaken – and activate –...
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Inspired by Love – Peace Pole in Santa Ana, California – USA

February 14, 2023 As the parents of three kids, we are conscious of news and media companies’ constant effort to put sensational content out in print, television, and internet. I’m sure this is the best...
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Rotary shares ‘Peace Pole’ project with Tehachipi City Council, Kern County, California – USA

Feb 12, 2023 Tehachapi will soon have a “Peace Pole,” thanks to a project initiated by Rotary of Tehachapi. President-elect Paul Kaminski presented information about the organization’s worldwide efforts toward peace during the Feb. 6...
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Rotary Action Group for Peace – Peace Pole Project – USA

February 10, 2022 Rotary Action Group for Peace and the Rotary Clubs of Hawai’i work together to plant Peace Poles on the beautiful Island of Hawaii. Check out all the locations:Current Peace Pole Locations in...
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Rotarians unveil new Peace Pole at Panaewa Zoo in Hilo, Hawaii – USA

February 9, 2023 Rotarians and community-minded citizens gathered recently to reveal the newest Rotary Club Peace Pole located at the Panaewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens in Hilo, Hawaii.
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First Rotary Peace Pole planted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

January- 2023 Dear Rotary Clubs of Blackheath, Taree and E-Club of Greater Sydney and Peter Clapinski, invaluable Rotary Peace Pole plaque producer!  Bonjour (good day) from Africa! Our RAWCS/HandUp Congo team have completed our three-week training and project...
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Peace Pole planted in Berchtersweiler – Germany

I am sharing the news about a nice wintery Peace Pole planting that took place in the village of Berchtersweiler, Germany, where many villagers participated. The Peace Pole is located 5 kilometers (approximately 3 miles)...
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Beautiful Artistic Peace Pole planted in Peace Hill Garden – Pune, India

January 20, 2022 I was fortunate to be connected with a Peace Pole for the first time at the Environmental Sanitation Institute in Ahmedabad during the inauguration of their Peace Pole some years back which...
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Rocketship Park – Where the Long Island Peace Pole Project was launched – New York – USA

Peace Pole in Rocketship Park Dedicated to World Peace on Long Island, New York Originally planted on November 19,  2019 Members of Building Bridges in Brookhaven join Port Jefferson officials in dedicating the new Peace Pole in Rocketship Park. ...
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Long Island Rotary Club and Pax Christi of Long Island join in the Peace Pole Project – Long Island, NY – USA

Jan-2023 Long Island is home to over 100 Peace Poles at public and private schools, local university, and libraries.   Kevin Mann; Rocky Point Rotary Club and John Baum; Pax Christi
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