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Beautiful Artistic Peace Pole planted in Peace Hill Garden – Pune, India

January 20, 2022 I was fortunate to be connected with a Peace Pole for the first time at the Environmental Sanitation Institute in Ahmedabad during the inauguration of their Peace Pole some years back which...
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Rocketship Park – Where the Long Island Peace Pole Project was launched – New York – USA

Peace Pole in Rocketship Park Dedicated to World Peace on Long Island, New York Originally planted on November 19,  2019 Members of Building Bridges in Brookhaven join Port Jefferson officials in dedicating the new Peace Pole in Rocketship Park. ...
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Long Island Rotary Club and Pax Christi of Long Island join in the Peace Pole Project – Long Island, NY – USA

Jan-2023 Long Island is home to over 100 Peace Poles at public and private schools, local university, and libraries.   Kevin Mann; Rocky Point Rotary Club and John Baum; Pax Christi
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Martin Luther King Memorial Peace Garden and Peace Pole at King Branch Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

On April 4, 1988 at noon, the Martin Luther King Branch held a Peace Pole and Martin Luther King Memorial Peace Garden Dedication Ceremony.  The Peace Pole reflects the peace message - "May Peace Prevail on Earth"...
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Peace Pole planting in Nottuln Friedenspfahleinweihung – Westfälische Nachrichten, GERMANY

January 13, 2023 Dear colleagues, Latter part of December-2022, Dr. Thönnes, Mayor of Nottuln in Germany, announced he had planted the first of four Peace Poles in this community.  On January 13th, 2023, the first...
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“May Peace be in Our Galaxy” Folsom, California – USA

January 2023 By Maria Maldonado, Speaker at Oneness Folsom, California
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May Peace Prevail On Earth International Branch Manager in Germany receives recognition for 30 years of Service for Peace – GERMANY

December 31, 2022 Fürstenfeldbruck – In January it will be 30 years since Dagmar Berkenberg dedicated her professional life to the service of world peace. The now 61-year-old became aware of the position of the foundation,...
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Peace Pole Project Comes to GISD through Rotary, Georgetown, Texas -USA

December 14th, 2022 The Rotary Club of Georgetown is partnering with GISD (Georgetown Independent School District) to bring Peace Poles to 11 campuses districtwide! The first project was celebrated during a dedication ceremony on Wednesday,...
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Traveling Peace Pole in Altenburg, Thuringia, GERMANY

December 11, 2022 Dear Colleagues, This Peace Pole was inaugurated in Altenburg, Thuringia-former East Germany. It was clear that the town wanted a traveling, Peace Pole. The Peace Pole has been placed inside the church...
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Classic White Peace Pole in the mountains of Swannanoa North Carolina – USA

December 1, 2022 We live in a wooded area in the mountains of western North Carolina, in Swannanoa, just outside of Asheville. Our Peace Pole is at the bottom of our driveway, up against our...
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Peace Pole high in the Canadian Arctic – Isachsen Nanuavut, Canada

Circa 2011 Prior to retirement,  I visited the automatic station in one of the more remote sections of the world, Isachsen Nunavut, Canada.  There we saw your Peace Pole, although we don't know how it...
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Six Peace Pole- Peace and Friendship Garden dedication ceremony, Temecula, California – USA

November 17th, 2022 Greetings! We completed 3 days of dedication events on Thursday, November 17th,  with members, donors, the media and the community.  This is the garden renovation Byron and I, along with others, have...
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Peace Pole gets four more language plates added in honor of National Day of Mourning in Radolfzell-Möggingen – GERMANY

November 11, 2022 Last year on Nov 11th, 2021- the Community of Radolfzell (Lake Constanz) planted a very tall  Peace Pole in honor of the German Remembrance day for the victims of WWI and WWII.  ...
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Women’s wing of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) install a Peace Pole, Pune – INDIA

November 8, 2022 Bansuri Meditation in association with FICCI FLO, the women’s wing of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) partnered to install a Peace Pole at the Oxford Golf Course...
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Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony “Fauntleroy Creek Crossing Peace Pole”  Seattle, Washington – USA

Saturday, Nov 5, 2022 The Peacebuilding Service Committee of the Rotary Club of West Seattle has chosen to present Fauntleroy Creek Crossing a “Peace Pole” because this sacred land is a cross-road for youth going...
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How is the Peace Balance Attained & Maintained – Sacramento, California – USA

October-2022 This morning, I feel this summary of thoughts and visions welling up in my heart: THE peaceful resonant frequency within and between all living requires a fair distribution of health promoting essentials: LoveFoodWaterShelterCommunityDignitySafety VoiceArts In...
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Asbury Woods & the Presque Isle Rotary Club Unveil Peace Pole in Erie Pennsylvania – USA

November 2, 2022 Asbury Woods unveiled a new fixture with a special meaning. In collaboration with the Presque Isle Rotary Club, the nature reserve revealed a brand-new Peace Pole. This universal symbol of harmony and...
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Peace Pole planted at St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Orchard Park, NY – USA

Rededication Ceremony - 2022 Planted in 2018 Here are some more pictures from our Peace Pole Blessing and Dedication Ceremony at St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Orchard Park, NY. Submitted by:Lynda RzeszutekRectory Office StaffSt. Bernadette...
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Our Soul’s Journey – Weekend Workshop Retreat at The World Peace Sanctuary – Wassaic, NY – USA

October 15-16, 2022 During this 2-day gathering, we touched on the exploration of the burning questions about our Soul’s Evolution and Purpose at this time. ·    Why are we here on this planet at this moment? ·    What...
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