Students of Jigme ECCD center 2018

Thank You Peace Pals International

Students of Jigme ECCD center, under Sengdhyen LSS, expressing their idea of peace through art.

“It was a great privilege for the students of Sengdhyen Lower Secondary School to submit the little work of art with the short yet a strong Universal Message and Prayer, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

Sengdhyen is located in a remote part of a small Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan-The land of the Thunder Dragon.

International Peace Day Celebration, 2018

“We thank Peace Pals International team for inviting the artwork online entry from around the world. The idea gave an opportunity to our students to directly submit their little knowledge and express their ideas of peace. We will always remain the Ambassador of Peace.”

Awarding of Peace Pals International Certificate of Participation.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Photos and News courtesy of

Peace Pals International

of World Peace Prayer Society