Memorial Peace Pole in Honor of The “Radio Lady” Portland, Oregon, USA

Family members, Linda Cohen, daughter, David Rabow, son and Karen Polinsky stepdaughter plant peace pole in memory of Ellen Kimball Pollens

A Beautiful celebration of life in planting of Peace Pole.

Linda Cohen wanted a way to remember her mom, so she and her siblings decided on planting a Peace Pole. They placed it behind the Unitarian Church her Mom loved so much.

“Radio Lady” as Ellen Kimball Pollens was known, by her community, was one of the first female talk show hosts in Boston in the 1970’s. She was very proud of this achievement and often spoke fondly of it.

Dedication Plate to “Radio Lady”

Later in life she joined the Unitarian church and found comfort and solace there. Her Memorial, placed by her loving family, sits behind the church in a beautiful spot where the preschool children may enjoy the Peace Pole’s many colors.

Cohen and her siblings felt uplifted by planting the Peace Pole that spreads a positive message; a message of Peace, Unity and Happiness. They are sure that  “Radio lady” would have been delighted to see the Peace Pole placed in her memory.

on in law, Aaron Cohen and Son David Rabow, Planting Memorial Pole behind West Hills Unitarian Church[

Her daughter Linda works tirelessly to help spread the message of Peace, and Mrs. Ellen Kimball Pollens was extremely proud of all that she has accomplished.

May faith in the spirit of lifehope for the community of earth, and love for the light in one another be oursnow and in all the days to come.” UU

May Peace Prevail in Portland

May Peace Prevail on Earth

May “Radio Lady”, Ellen Kimball Pollens Forever Rest in Peace.