Albany New York – Peace Poles – USA


In early October, Westminster Presbyterian Church planted 2 Peace Poles in the City of Albany, New York.    When our friends in our partnership church, located in Tema, Ghana, were planning a visit this fall, we decided this would be a great activity to ground our connection together.


We chose two dialects from Ghana for our Peace Pole – Twi and Ga.   In 2015, we plan to plant two more Peace Poles in Tema.   Our pastor, Rev. Frances Rosenau officiated both ceremonies where our refrain was, “May Peace Prevail On Earth!” Amen.


Owner: Westminster Presbyterian Church 262 State St., Albany NY 12210
Contact: Sheila Wrede

Peace Poles are located at:
Westminster Presbyterian Church, 262 State St., Albany, NY 12210
Capital South Campus Center,  20 Warren St, Albany, NY 12202