May Peace Prevail On Earth International

Peace message from Peaceful island, Bali, INDONESIA

August 18th, 2014 

We brought a Peace Pole and planted it at Bidadari Private Villa and Retreat, located in Ubud Bali, Indonesia.

The Bidadari Villa and Retreat Center is a magnificent villa. The word “ Bidadari”  means “beautiful angels.”

We received a very warm welcome from the staff!

On August 18, we had Peace Pole planting ceremony with the Manager, Papa-Rana and 9 staff members.  I thanked Papa-Rana and the Bidadari villa for accepting the Peace Pole as our gift.  Papa-Rana represented the staff members when he said,  “today, we need peace badly on this planet.”


We stood in a circle around the Peace Pole and prayed together for peace to be in our heart, with our families, with the Bidadari guests, with the people of Bali and closed the ceremony with the words, “May Peace Prevail On Earth.”

They are happy to have the Peace Pole as a reminder of our common wish and prayer, May Peace Prevail On Earth.


The  Peace Pole bears the message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in the following languages;  English, French, Chinese and Japanese.


Junko and Yashio