Peace Pals International 2014 – Children from Lahore Pakistan Participate "Right to Peace."

June 30, 2014

7 Children from Lahore, Pakistan participated in the Peace Art Work here are the experiences, feelings and reflections of their thoughts which they had already portrayed through coloring the Peace as they perceived it, they were happy and excited while doing it as this was something they were doing it for the first time in their lives that they were Painting the Peace. They all talked to each other about Peace that how it works in their lives daily and by doing what (things)  will effect the world, how others will be influenced and get the message that they should say welcome to Peace in their lives.


So according to the Theme 2014 “Right to Peace” they started with blank pages with some lines on it to give a kick to their minds, later they come up with different ideas that what they will draw. They made Planet Earth with the heart and Divine Love coming out of each individual, drew Globe with Peace on it with love and different designs, painted all Religions together with hope of Friendship, acceptance, Peace and Rainbow covered all of them, butterfly, made flags of all countries with a Dove on it, made hearts, laughter’s, wrote messages on it in Urdu and English of May Peace Prevail on Earth, Hope, Peace on Earth and goodwill to mankind.



When it comes to reflections they happily wrote:

Fairy: “I enjoyed very much doing this art work, we were glad to make Peace signs and ask people to join us to make this possible”.

Angel: “I was excited to paint the Globe and was thinking can we all live in harmony and understand the Divine message of Love, Peace, togetherness and forget all differences?”

Sam: “I learnt the meaning of Peace by writing different words in my painting of Peace and Love”.

Shehwaiz: “While making and coloring heart, Peace and Smile I pledged not to fight and will try to be an instrument of Peace”.

Tisha: “I am happy to be part of this painting competition and was eager to know what others will make, I loved the Rainbows and wish we all get bright, beautiful and colorful like them”.

Neha: “I want and wish that what if we all live in Peace and have no borders and wars”.

Michael: “I want to be a Peace Butterfly, which live in everyone’s heart forever”.

Above are the reflections of gentle and pure hearts. Take care.