May Peace Prevail On Earth International

15th Season for Nonviolence Event at the United Nations – NYC-USA

February 15th, 2012

The World Peace Prayer Society has been helping to organize a student program at the United Nations to observe the Gandhi-King-Chavez Season for Nonviolence since its inception.

This year’s theme was: “Global Peace through Social Media: There’s An App for That!”, helping 400 high school students and one elementary school learn to stop cyber-bullying as well as how to use social media to build a culture of peace. A powerful presentation by students of the Conflict Resolution program at Susan E. Wagner High School on Staten Island closed with, “May Peace Prevail On Earth!”

Next came the Trenton Children’s Choir, singing the well-known African marching song, “Siya Hamba/ We are Marching in the Light of God.” After several verses, the children switched the lyrics to “May Peace Prevail On Earth” and invited the audience to sing along.

The students of Susan Wagner High also showed a video flag ceremony! The students researched all 193 flags of the UN Member States and displayed them in alphabetical order, interspersed with pictures of peace leaders, including speaker Ibrahim Sharif at last year’s Newark Peace Summit, with a Peace Pole next to him.

So even without actual flags this year, the message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” was a strong component of the UN Season for Nonviolence event, as the students attending were urged to dedicate their lives to nonviolence and peace.