Peace Representative News: WPPC at Topanga Earth Day Festival-USA

 April 22, 2009

Topanga is a small community north of Malibu, California.  The fair ground is situated on a hill side surrounded by lush green trees and grass. It is only 6 miles from the ocean but has a feel of being deep in the mountains. 

 The opening circle/ceremony started Saturday at 11:00 am with a ‘blessing song’ by the local Native American community.


 Flag bearers gathered in a large circle in front of an alter decorated with shells and flowers. 

We started with a short explanation on WPPS and its mission. Michelle Hovey gave instruction and called the names of the countries.   Everyone prayed together for each country’s Peace.

When all the countries were called, everyone waved and cheered.  

We were invited to come back again to present the World Peace Flag Ceremony for their future Earth Day Festivals!

Uran Snyder, WPPS Peace Representative in USA