Mater Dei Prep, of Middletown, New Jersey, held a Peace Pole Ceremony where Capstone Academy and Global Leader students, Saint Mary students, special guests and the MDP Chorus joined together to speak about the addition of a Peace Pole on campus.

Special guests included Fr. Rick Osborne, Deacon Martin McMahon, and Rev. Dr. Cornell Edmonds of Church of the Covenant. Rev. Dr. Edmonds hosted a UN Conference on Climate Change where MDP students Karen Nortz, Chika Efobi, Devon Perrotta and Emma DeBiase presented. Pastor Chris Pascarella of Lincroft Bible Church, and Director of Middletown Public Library Heather Adolsen attended as well.

The morning started with Fr. Rick blessing the Peace Pole and the plaque honoring St. Francis. Then, Mr. Longo, head of the Capstone Academy, spoke on the benefit and purpose of being a member of the Capstone Academy at Mater Dei Prep.

Karen Nortz, Capstone Academy member, introduced and welcomed the guests listed above to the ceremony and spoke about how important a young person’s responsibility is in this day and age. Craig Palmer, Principal of Saint Mary’s, spoke about being global citizens to both his students and Mater Dei Prep’s. Katherine Anderson, guidance counselor at Saint Mary’s, attended with the students as well. Mr. George Anthony, head of the Global Leaders, spoke about the role of peace in our lives and that peace requires action. He emphasized how each person at the ceremony represents the face of Jesus and how each person has the ability to bring light to the lives of others. Rev. Dr. Cornell Edmonds spoke about how each individual in attendance today represents the bread of life and elaborated on the message of Jesus. The MDP Chorus concluded the event in song, and Sarah Dolan and Alexis Lombardo sang a wonderful rendition of The Saint Francis Prayer following Deacon Martin McMahon’s tribute to Saint Francis of Assisi. 

The Peace Pole can be found throughout all 192 member countries of the United Nations, it is a global representation of peace and Mater Dei is proud to call one of them our own. Located at the entrance to the school, it will be a constant reminder to anyone who enters that peace is something to work for and should be appreciated once acquired. A great day with a great purpose, go Seraphs!

Thank you to all who attended this joyous occasion and to Mater Dei Prep for sharing.

May Peace Prevail On Earth