Our Lady of the Assumptions School Teaches Living Values Through Peace Poles, Atlanta, Georgia

A School in Atlanta, Georgia is teaching valuable life lessons through the use of Peace Poles.

Our Lady of Asumptions Catholic School last year began a project to create Peace Poles as a way for their students to visualize the goals being taught.

Through art class, each of the 500+ students helped design and paint 3 Peace Poles. All grades, from pre-kindergarten through eighth, each working on their own side.

OLA encourages and guides all of it’s students on how to be good citizens, show empathy and practice tolerance. Their mission is to strive for selflessness, exhibit leadership, and be involved in the greater community.

“The Peace Poles have now been placed on campus for all to see. A school wide gathering and dedication is planned for September in honor of International Peace Day.”

A School with much of the same living values as the grassroots organizaton, May Peace Prevail On Earth International. Visualize World Peace, and be the change you wish to see in the world. No doubt we will be seeing some amazing individuals matriculate from this wonderful institution.

We are excited to hear of Ceremony planned for the International Day of Peace on September 21st, 2019 and are excited to see the festivities. A special thank you to Cindi Meyer, Communications Coordinator at OLA.

May Peace Prevail in Our Schools

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Photo and News Credited to Cindi Meyer of Our Lady of Assumptions Catholic School