Evergreen Montessori Reminds us to live in Peace, San Jose, CA

Evergreen Montessori Schools Plant Peace Poles as Reminder to Live in Peace San Jose, CA

Sunita Prakash of the Evergreen Montessori School wanted to add a Symbol of Peace to their three campuses. Evergreen is a Montessori School located in San Jose, CA whose Mission states: “We strive to provide the highest quality Montessori education available; emphasizing basic academic disciplines and promoting the development of independence, self- respect, and respect for others.”

On August 10th, 2018 on their Yerba Buena Campus Brittney shares,

“We planted our first Peace Pole at the end of our Summer Session in our Honoring the Light GatheringThis was our first such gathering and the purpose was to reflect on the summer the students spent learning about Peace and how to be a Peace Maker in their community” 

At The Yerba Buena School Campuses Honoring the Light Ceremony, Children all help to bury Peace Pole

We gathered in the afternoon in front of the Yerba Buena school and after a short speech from our school Director, we placed a time capsule in the Peace Pole and planted it in the earth. Each child participated in putting dirt around the base of the pole.

Then the students sang songs of Peace for their parents and teachers.

“It was a wonderful way to end the summer!” Exclaims Brittney.

The students worked hard over the summer to collect money to donate to the World Wildlife Fund and to purchase our Peace Poles. This ceremony helped the staff to say thank you to the students and parents for their hard work.

on September 26that our Aborn School

Aborn Campus of EMS System gather around new Peace Pole

September 27that our Fowler location.

The Fowler School Campus, part of EMS gather to sing Peace Songs

At both locations the Teachers revealed The Peace Poles for the students and parents while reading the four languages chosen and placing time capsules before the Children helped to bury them.

Thank you to the World Peace Prayer Society, for sending such beautiful Peace Poles for our Schools to help remind our students, staff and parents to live in Peace.

Photographs and News credited to Brittney Skipper,

Evergreen Montessori Schools

San Jose, California