Original Peace Pole at a junior high school in Senna Comasco, Lombardia, ITALY

March 26-28, 2015

We conducted a two-day peace education workshop at a junior high school in Senna Comasco in northern Italy, near Lake Como and Milan.


It was a wonderful experience working with 120 students and teachers over two days. Everyone responded to us with great enthusiasm to origami making and Japanese calligraphy.

Then on the third day, we organized a World Peace Flag Ceremony and celebrated their original Peace Pole. One-hundred primary school age students participated and many parents of the junior high school students came and joined us as well.


Two art teachers designed the Peace Pole and the town of Senna Comasco financed it.  We loved their original Peace Pole with a peace crane on the top! There is light inside and in the evening, when the Peace Pole is illuminated, the peace message seems to glow in the dark!

The students and teachers made 1,000 peace cranes. They will send them to the city of Hiroshima. The Peace Department of Hiroshima will place the peace cranes under the statue of Sadako, in the Atomic Bomb Commemoration Park of Hiroshima.


Caroline, Uma, Guerrino, Martina  and I enjoyed these fantastic three days very much. It was a precious experience for all of us!

Infinite Joy!!   Sonoko Tanaka, WPPS Peace Representative