World Youth Peace Forum in Cairo-EGYPT


Concerning the World Youth Peace Forum in Cairo, we have concluded this incredible event 3 weeks ago in an atmosphere of deep joy!  How wonderful it is to see the action of God in thousands of young students in many countries throughout the world.

Youths from the 10 delegations coming from South America, Europe and Middle East.

I will not conceal the complexity of such an event that involved hundreds of schools, several international organizations working for peace and various associations and movements. During the 3 day Forum  1,300 people (students and teachers) from 20 countries attended.

Fifty-two students from several schools and universities in Cairo nominated by the Universal circle of Ambassadors of Peace “Young Ambassadors of Peace” for their commitment to peace, especially through their example in living the LIVING PEACE project.

A great contribution to the success of this international event was the experience of fraternity that 53 young people from 10 delegations representing three continents lived together for 3 days in Alexandria, Egypt.

Ceremony of the flags and choreography of Peace

The theme “Let’s Bridge” explained in three parts: create bridges between cultures, generations and its realization with the project “Living Peace” was enriched with amazing experiences, workshops and beautiful artistic performances.

Peace Dance by students from Sudan

The final presentation of “Living Peace” by Egyptian children and from many other nations through local experiences and many incredible movies and power point presentations from all over the world has been an explosion of freshness and life, making visible their commitment to build a culture of peace.

Dance by students of Pakistan International School in Cairo

Forty-six children and six adults were nominated “Ambassadors of Peace” by the Universal Circle of Ambassadors of Peace.  A special contribution to the program was the testimony of  a peacemaker by the name of Safaa, age 12, who is a paraplegic. She presented herself by a power point that she prepared; clicking on her laptop with her chin.

Many messages arrived to the Forum, including one from Kailash Satyarthi (INDIA) – Nobel Peace Prize 2014, from the United Nation, UNESCO and others.

Presentation of different peace projects by students from Mexico, Argentine, Brazil and Egypt

Domenicus Rhode, president of the World Peace Forum, conferred to: the representative of NGO “New Humanity,” the Rowad American College and Manchester International School and the Luxembourg Peace Prize in 2015, for their commitment in favor of a culture of peace.

Dominicus Rohde (Germania), President of the World Peace Forum is opening officially the Forum

The Forum began with the reading of a passage from the Koran and was concluded with the figure of Pope Francis through the presentation of the project “Scholas” by one of the leaders of this mega project of 400,000 schools in the world. This seemed a tangible sign of the universal dimension of the “Living Peace” which already is present in many countries around the world with different cultures and religions. 

I greet you with all my heart!
May Peace Prevail On Earth.
Carlos Palma-EGYPT