Peace Pole Presented at Presbyterian Commissioning Service-Croton Fall, NY-USA

April 12, 2015

Rev. Deborah Moldow presented a desktop Peace Pole to June Tompkins on the occasion of her commissioning service as Parish Associate for the Croton Falls Presbyterian Church. June is already the Music Director and organist for the Chapel, and very supportive of the church’s peace mission. She had requested that Deborah sing “Let There Be Peace on Earth” to celebrate her commissioning.

The head of the Hudson River Presbytery, Rev. Susan Andrews, was there to offer her message, which complimented the little church: “As the world writhes in violent war and terror, you practice peace. As the world divides along bitter religious and ethnic lines, you celebrate the beauty of pluralism – and the common languages of all the religions of the world.” Deborah remarked that she and Rev. Andrews had been present at several Peace Pole dedications, including the one at the Chapel eight years ago.

Offering Peace Pole to June

June, the new Parish Associate, was deeply moved to accept the Peace Pole with gratitude.