May Peace Prevail On Earth International

Horace Mann School plants 4 Peace Poles – Brooklyn, NY – USA

September 18

The Horace Mann School located in Brooklyn, New York set aside two days to dedicate four six-sided Peace Poles to highlight the importance of peace within the school community.  The Peace Poles were planted respectfully in each of their campuses including elementary, secondary and high school division.  The final Peace Pole was planted at their retreat center during a school wide family picnic.



The World Peace Flag Ceremony was presented by Uran Snyder, WPPS Peace Representative, in all four locations where the Peace Pole was planted.  Students in each of the school divisions proudly carried the flags of each nation and sent their prayers for peace to prevail on earth. A moving speech on peace and nonviolence was made by Arun Gandhi who is on the the grandsons of Mahatma Gandhi.  The final Flag Ceremony was held at the retreat center where rain brought everyone under a tent for very powerful and intimate prayers to close the event.