Peace Pole sightings – Okinawa, JAPAN to Montgomery, AL- USA


Dear Ann Marie,
My husband is in the US Air Force and the first picture attached was taken in 2006 when we were stationed in Okinawa, Japan (the Peace Pole is located at Hedo Point). This is one of my very favorite pictures from the island. Okinawa is such a beautiful place with a brutal history and I loved capturing that message (May Peace Prevail On Earth) on the Peace Pole in both the Japanese and English language!

Much to my surprise, we spotted another Peace Pole this weekend while visiting the church (Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church) where Martin Luther King, Jr. preached in Montgomery, AL. Again, to find such a message at a place where both slaves were sold and where the civil rights movement began is so wonderful! I had no idea this was a world wide project until I found information on a website. I whole heartedly embrace your message and mission.

Thank you for what you do! May Peace Prevail!

Leigh Ann Miller