First World Peace Flag Ceremony-Siberia-RUSSIA

July 5th, 2011

As Cooperation Circle” Euro-Asia” of URI (United Religious Initiative) we were active participants of Artania Festival of Folk Crafts which took place in our city of Novosibirsk (the capital of Western Siberia) from June 15th to July 5th, 2011, which took place on the main square of the city near the Theater of Opera and Ballet. The Crafts Festival organizers supported our idea of holding the World Peace Flag Ceremony with the flag cards provided by The World Peace Prayer Society!

It started to rain and at 12 o’clock the weather didn’t look inspiring for any ceremony, but we knew “where there is a will-there is a way” and decided to have the Flag Ceremony under the roof of the Theater near the columns. I was given a microphone and started with my short speech with words from the famous song ”Nature has no bad weather, any weather is a bliss..bad weather can be in our hearts…” I spoke about the power of thoughts and the powerful impact good thoughts have. The thought of ‘Peace’ is the best one. The people who joined the Flag Ceremony were very happy to participate. A few of the attendees spoke the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth in English.

To close the Ceremony, we sang the song the every Russian, I believe, is familiar with- it’s called, May there always be sunshine. Then guests from Uruguay and Bolivia sang their native song about peace in the world.

Galina Ermolina, Novosibirsk, Russia