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Peace Pole Project for Emma

Peace Pole Project for Emma–USA

September 21st, 2010

An amazing synchronicity: Emma would have been 21 this year, and her Sept. 21st birthday is also the United Nations designated “International Day of Peace.” To honor Emma’s passion for peace, we’re erecting at least 21 Peace Poles around the world.

Earlier this year, Liz Casey contacted me with an awesome idea to honor the memory of her daughter.

Here is what Liz Casey wrote to me:

My daughter Emma would have been 21 this September 21st. She was passionate about peace and it’s not surprise to any of us that her birthday is also World Peace Day-International Day of Peace.
In her memory, we’re erecting 21 Peace Poles around the world.

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Peace Pole Project for Emma.
Thanks, and peace, Liz Casey

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