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WPPS Peace Representative News: Peace Poles in Hastings, Minesota-USA

May 24th, 2009

Mary Salter and Josh Williams

Mary Salter and Josh Williams

On this memorial weekend, we wanted to designate some time to remembering our passed loved ones and to do something special in this beautiful weather we have been so blessed with!

On August 29, 2006

, we dedicated and planted a Peace Pole in honor and in memory of the victims, survivors and rescuer’s of Hurricane Katrina. The Peace Pole was later vandalized and wasn’t re-planted, due to fear of it being harmed or stolen. This special Peace Pole has human foot prints on one side to represent the human victims and the responders, animal paw prints to represent the animals left behind, leaf prints to represent the environment effected, and “May Peace Prevail On Earth” on the 4th side. Fear cannot consume us and it was time to memorialize those we intended to, this past weekend.

Today, Melvin Giles and Josh Williams (pictured here) resurrected our cherished Peace Pole & added yet another one! In this photo, Melvin is gifting Josh with a miniture Peace Pole in return for his generous assistance and hard work!

May we all spend some special moments this weekend to remember our friends, family, and pets that have either left us here behind to carry on our purpose or whom walk along side and support us! May Peace Prevail on Earth & May Peace Prevail with you!
by, Mary Salter

Ark has six Peace Poles that have been planted at their Hastings, Minnesota Shelter site and has dedicated two Peace Poles nationally.  I would like to creatively and respectfully highlight and acknowledge their “Intentional Acts of Cultivating a Cultural of Peace.” 

     * St. Paul Police Department (SPPD): Planted second Peace Pole during this current 13-years Peace Pole renaissance.  SPPD has four Peace Poles at different District Stations.  SPPD supports the symbolic meaning of Peace Poles and of the Peace Message-May Peace Be In Our Homes and Communities- May Peace Prevail On Earth.

     * ST. Paul Parks and Recreation: Supportive in planting Peace Poles at City Recreational Centers and Parks.  Actively participates in the Annual Community Peace Celebration (third Friday in June).

     * St. Paul Public Housing (SPPH): SPPH accepted the challenge of dedicating a Peace Pole at all their Hi-Rise locations, as a way to build healthy, safe, and inclusive communities.  Within three years, all SPPH’s 16-Hi-Rises have a Peace Pole.  SPPH, also have 3-Peace Poles at their Family-structure locations.  Their action helps to motivate the vision of a Peace Pole at every school, park, faith-based institutions, mall, and other public spaces in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.

 Thank you for our collective efforts in creating a Cultural of Peace and a more Justice and Beautiful World.

 May Peace Prevail On Earth (MPPOE)!

 Peaceful Thoughts,

Melvin, WPPS Peace Representative-USA







Melvin Giles (L) gifts mini Peace Pole to Josh Williams at Animal Ark Shleter

Melvin Giles (L) gifts mini Peace Pole to Josh Williams at Animal Ark Shleter