City of Montessori School on Teacher's Day September 05, 2008

We organized two spectacular World Peace Prayer Ceremonies on the occasion of “Teacher’s Day” at City of Montessori School (CMS) during Global TIE (Trends in Education) which was organized from September 7 to September 10, 2008.
Teacher’s Day Function: Nearly 3000 principals, teachers and staff members assembled outside the City of Montessori School on the morning of September 5th, where principals and teachers took part in a peace march.
World Peace Prayer Ceremony: Approximately 200 teachers representing the United Nation member nations took part in the World Peace Prayer Ceremony. Participants in colourful national costumes holding the national flags put up a spectacular World Peace Prayer Ceremony.
Thereafter, all the continental groups proceeded forward on the stage and formed a circle and they began singing the peace song, “May Peace Prevail On Earth.”
World Peace Prayer Ceremony: Approximately 200 children of junior sections presenting the United Nation member nations, a World Citizen and a United Nations Representative wearing colourful costumes, holding nation flags assembled on the stage in a semicircular fashion in groups, representing people from different regions around the world – Oceania, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America, North America and Asia. They prayed for the happiness and peace of the people in their region and prayed for peace on earth by saying “May Peace Prevail On Earth.” It was an impressive World Peace Prayer Ceremony, ideally conceived and conducted to demonstrate the inescapable option of the world for “total unity sans boundary” in front of principals and educators from all over the world. The World Peace Prayer Ceremony very strongly conveyed a message for a peaceful world free of all conflicts and disputes. It concluded with the Peace Song, May Peace Prevail On Earth.
Regards, Jagdish Gandhi, Peace Representative of The World Peace Prayer Society in Lucknow, India