WPFC accompanies Wedding Ceremony-April 26, 2008

Submitted by Peace Representative, SonokoTanaka – Italy.

April 26, 2008-Italy

There were approximately 100 guests that participated in the World Peace Flag Ceremony (WPFC). Our friends, family and relatives of my husband were there, but also the people who just happened to be in this natural park of the Fiastra Abbey joined us spontaneously! We had a very lovely spring day! It was one of the happiest days in my life. Holding a WPPC with all our guests on this memorial day was a wonderful way to celebrate Oneness of our hearts, not only mine and that of my husband but also the hearts of all the people who joined us!

Infinite Joy
PS* I was in Assisi on the IDP, 21st September. The organization called “United Artists for Peace” in collaboration with the Office for the Support to the UN, sustained by European Union, Umbria Region, and City of Assisi, etc. held the 13th International Peace Festival from 13 to 21 September and on 21st, linking with the Peace Bell at UN, they rang the Bell of the Tower of the building of Capitano del Popolo in the main square. I prayed for World Peace while listening to the bell ringing.