May Peace Prevail On Earth International

At Ground Zero-August 11, 2008

Submitted by Renee Marie, Peace Representative of The World Peace Prayer Society.

Some of you know that I happened to make it to Ground Zero (World Trade Center site) on August 11, 2008 to visualize and pray for World Peace.


It must have been by divine plan that the right security superintendent, Pio Monsini, saw me (I was in my Army Duty Uniform for travel). He escorted me inside the perimeter security fencing. It must have been divine intention that I had the Desk Top Peace Pole, bearing the message May Peace Prevail On Earth wrapped in my brown Army Towel, sticking through the backpack I carried.

It was also divine intention that the Director of Capital Programs Development for Port Authority NJ/NY, Steven Slate, also came into the area around 6:30 pm and asked if I wanted to view the Family Memorial Trailer. He explained that this memorial trailer will become part of a permanent museum on these hallowed grounds. He shared plans for all of the work that was being done in the site. I told him about A Call To Peace, a world peace gathering on AUG 9th,  held at The World Peace Sanctuary in Amenia, NY and about the Peace Pole Project (like the one I had in the side pocket of my back pack). He asked, “Do you want to leave it here.” My first feelings were of possession and pride in owning this special Peace Pole, gifted to each of us by Fumi Johns-Stewart and the WPPS staff. This quickly gave way to understanding that this all happened as it was supposed to happen and this Peace Pole was supposed to be HERE! Now the Peace Message and Prayer, May Peace Prevail On Earth is with the World Family of hope in this hallowed place.


May we each enjoy little ways of gifting and opportunities to listen to what feels like Divine Callings and may we give-in to them as co-creators of all that is GOOD in our hearts! Please share the World Peace Message and Prayer wherever you can ~ the domino effect is powerful!

May Peace Prevail On Earth.