Conerly Road School-November 29, 2007

Peace Pals Coordinator, Virginia Abu-Bakr – USA

November 29th – New Jersey, USA
Significant to the Peace Pals success at Conerly Road School is the support of the principal, Mrs. Donna Silva-Burnett. She embraces and spreads her desire for peace by providing Mrs. Virginia Abu-Bakr, Mrs. Rena Stewart and Mrs. Libby Marx (all partners in coordinating the “Peacemakers” of Conerly Road School) with a forum to promote peace and develop “Peacemakers,” as their young ambassadors are called.


Mrs. Stewart’s fourth grade class prepared letters to Sister Lavina Herman-Gill in Pakistan. Sr. Lavina had visited the school earlier in the year and shared with the youth her story of creating an orphanage/school for the abandoned young ones in Pakistan. Students were writing the letters to each of the children in hopes to develop continued communications.

At the closing of the visit, students engaged in unison by saying “May Peace be in Pakistan. May Peace be in New Jersey. May Peace Prevail On Earth.”

During the evening event, a harmonious and very populated gathering of dear hearts and gentle people represented 25 countries! Among them were Argentina, Cuba, Egypt, Nigeria and Turkey. There was authentic dress and cuisine from most countries.


Students flocked to the WPPS table to prepare origami Peace Poles just before the program began.

Submitted by Shonda Sheppard, WPPS.