The S2C2-Portland Peace Pole project plants five Peace Poles-Portland, Oregon-USA

April 22, 2023

Portland Peace Pole Project

The Sustainable Southeast Community Coalition (S2C2) is actively working to advance peace and sustainability in their communities. The Peace Pole Project helps communities promote peace on earth, raise cultural awareness and honor local identity through art and placemaking with purpose.

EARTH DAY CELEBRATION! Saturday, April 22, 2023, 3-4 pm

Join us this Earth Day as we dedicate two new Peace Poles! This includes adding 12 new languages to the existing three Peace Poles and 17 languages. These five Peace Poles and one stone plaque will honor 29 cultures in our community. We are particularly wanting to extend our heartfelt support to the Ukrainian community and will be having Ukrainian songs and other cultural sharing at the event. The 12 additional languages on the new poles will include: Ukrainian, Norwegian, Chinese, Greek, Tibetan, Thai,  Polish,  Scottish-Gaelic, Persian, Hawaiian, Italian, and Romanian languages.  

New Peace Poles Have Arrived!
Roger Jones from HBBA and our S2C2 President Billy Wood Jr. with our new peace poles. We’ll be installing them on Saturday April 15, 2023 for dedication this Earth Day! Mark your calendars!

Read more about the Sustainable SE Community Coalition Peace Pole project: