Happy Earth Day!   Giving thanks for all that Mother Earth provides us – GLOBAL

For Earth Day – 22 April, 2023

Eating real, nutrient-dense food is so important—   So is moving our bodies. 

And yet, food and fitness are only part of staying healthy and feeling awesome. 

Know what else is essential? 

Getting a dose of sunshine!

Get outdoors once a day. Leave your phone at home. Spend even 15 minutes engaged in device-free playfulness, curiosity, and wonder. See how you feel. Ask whether that 15 minutes did more good than 30 spent scrolling.

All said and done, these “small things” are big ones. 

Be well.               Stay awesome.               Choose Love over Fear.        Serve one-another.     

We are One – in the spirit of the Universal Message of Peace – May Peace Prevail On Earth.

We also invite you to join us in celebrating earth day with our friends around the world.

Please click below to see events happening on Earth Day 2023 and beyond.