Forest Foraging – Food is Medicine at the World Peace Sanctuary with Jessica Rose Lee, Herbalist – Wassaic, NY-USA

May 21, 2022

Foraging took place specifically along the peripheral landscape and on wisdom trail at The World Peace Sanctuary.

On the Wisdom Trail for a forage tutorial
with Jessica Lee Rose, Herbalist

During the forest tutorial through the forest, the class of twelve participants learned a few very important rules: 

  1. Understand and appreciate your land.
  1. Identify the plant with 100 percent certainty.
  1. Harvest responsibly- Be mindful not to deplete from one source. It’s best to seek patches where edible species grow in abundance. Dandelion, nettle, and other so called “weeds” are great to eat, and unlikely to deplete them by taking your fill.
  1. As important as being able to recognize the plants you can eat, is to be able to identify the ones you cannot. Some poisonous plants only give you a rash, but others could kill you. Study up so you can recognize the traits of toxic species, especially those that look similar to edible and medicinal plants. 
  1. Give gratitude, during the entire process of discovery, foraging and preparing the meal.

Jessica demonstrated, very creative ways to prepare what nature provides—so abundantly.

Relying on nature to provide nourishment elicits a unique backcountry experience!

May Peace Prevail On Earth.