Lewis Early Learning Academy, Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony, Santa Rosa, California – USA

April 8, 2022

The Peace Poles for Schools project fits beautifully with our school’s positive beliefs and our wish to provide a safe and peaceful world in which all of our young children can grow and thrive.  Our Peace Pole is placed in the front of our main school building to serve as a reminder of this to all who see it.  It welcomes our students and families to campus and brings us peace as we teach and learn each day.  The words “May Peace Prevail on Earth” are represented on our Peace Pole in the eight most common languages spoken by the students we serve.  Representing the varied needs of our students, we also have the words represented on the Peace Pole in American Sign Language and Braille.

We began a garden beautification project shortly before our dedication ceremony to create a welcoming home for our Peace Pole.  We have added symbols of peace to the garden to surround our Peace Pole, such as white roses and white lilies.  We plan to continue creating this peaceful home for our beautiful Peace Pole.


Peace Poles for Schools Founder, Major Renee Marie
Santa Rosa City Schools Superintendent, Anna Trunnell
Lewis Early Learning Academy Principal, Janel Plack
Executive Director of Special Services, Steve Mizera
Santa Rosa City Schools Board President, Ed Sheffield
Santa Rosa City Schools Board Trustees, Laurie Fong & Stephanie Manieri
Veterans for Peace
Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, East-West
Made in Santa Rosa Foundation
Lewis Elementary School Alumni

Janel Plack, M.S., CCC-SLP
Principal & Program Manager – Lewis Early Learning Academy
Early Start & Preschool Programs
Santa Rosa City Schools