Masami Saionji receives Peace Award from Euroknowledge – London, England

On the 9th of April, 2022, Mrs Masami Saionji, the Chairperson of ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth International’, was presented with an award for Excellence and Leadership for  her outstanding activity for Peace in the world at the House of Lords (Houses of Parliament, Westminster) in London.  Caroline Uchima was honoured to accept the award on behalf of Masami Sensei and the Goi Group.

Caroline’s speech on behalf of May Peace Prevail On Earth International
and Masami Sensei 

MPPOE International has had a long connection with Euroknowledge.  In 2007, Fumi attended an event in Washington DC making a strong connection with the organisers, and in 2018, Fumi, Nicole, Patrick and Masami Sensei attended an event in Paris to hold a flag ceremony.

Award winners 2022

This event in London was a great opportunity to bring the vibration of Peace and Divine Light into this place of historical political power.  

The members of the Goi Group gladly supported us by sending prayers and INs of focus and light, and through the work of the Guardian Deities and Guardian Spirits of all of the prayer members, the Divine Presence was anchored in the heart of London’s political Centre. Thank you!

We brought a traveling peace pole, and this caught the attention of many of the people we were destined to meet.

On arrival at reception, a lady (Kirsten Engvig, founder and CEO of Women’s International Networking) came up to us, pointed at the peace pole and said ‘I was just talking about this!’

With Kristin Engvig (Founder of WIN)

Apparently, someone had admired her pearl necklace, and she was telling them about an amazing lady in Japan who had given it to her, when she noticed Masami Sensei’s profile in the conference brochure, and was just saying, ‘That is her!’, when the next thing she noticed was the peace pole.  She was so happy and delighted to make the connection, and in her 2-minute award acceptance speech, she talked about this synchronicity.

The peace pole caused a lot of interest, mainly among the women award recipients, and we were able to present them with desk top peace poles.

We had been invited, at the last minute, to hold a short flag ceremony, and had prepared the small postcard size cards for this.  Unfortunately this did not happen, mainly because the panel discussion went way over time, and everything was rushed after that.  

We were able to make good connections with some very interesting and inspiring people and wait to see how this unfolds into the future.

All through the event, I was aware of, and could feel all the prayers and light coming through our physical vessels from all over the world.  We had been warned ‘to be flexible around the programme!’, and that things might not pan out as we thought, and this was exactly what happened.  However, I was filled with conviction that we were in the right place at the right time, and we would meet the right people.  We also had a laugh amongst ourselves and a really fun day. 

‘All is perfect and complete.  Nothing is lacking.  Perfectly accomplished.  Daijojyu’

Infinite gratitude and love for all the collaboration in raising the consciousness of humanity.

The Divinity of Humanity is reawakened

May Peace Prevail On Earth