As concerns for Ukraine grows, so do donations and prayers, Storrs, Connecticut – USA

March 17th, 2022

The people of Storrs Congregational Church, came together in the Waggoner Chapel on the church campus for “A Peace Prayer for Ukraine” on Thursday, March 17, to send out prayers for peace through poems and music. During the well-attended lunchtime vigil, initially planned as a gathering around the Connecticut church’s Peace Pole but moved inside because of rain, participants sang a chant for the protection of mothers and children.

The Peace Pole, on the front lawn of Storrs Congregational Church, Storrs, Conn., is surrounded by blue and yellow ribbons for the people of Ukraine.

“We cannot just listen to and read about the current suffering in Ukraine and all who are opposing war in that country. We must use our voice to speak out for peace, not war; love and compassion, not hate.”

Excerpts taken from article written by:  Connie Larkman

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As concern for Ukraine grows, so do donations and prayers – United Church of Christ (