Peace Poles for Schools project; Peace Pole at Calistoga Elementary, Sonoma, California-USA

January 31, 2022

Peace Poles for Schools is moving forward!

A meeting is scheduled with staff at four schools next week in Sonoma County, California.

A second Peace Pole was installed Wednesday of this week at Calistoga Elementary in Sonoma County, California.

As you can see from the pictures, the Calistoga Jr./Sr. High School has set a high standard with the first Peace Pole installation.

In addition: Renee Marie, was invited to attend a zoom meeting with Rotarians in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County regarding her vision, creating “A Tangible Peace on Every Campus.”  There are 220 schools in Sonoma County and Peace Poles for Schools has received commitments to plant Peace Poles on campus-and the number is growing!

“I am my most joyful self when working on this vision. To the core, I am a Peace and Social Justice Warrior.”

Renee Marie,

MPPOEI,  Volunteer Peace Representative in California