Peace Pole Dedication at Baha’i Community of Harlingen, Texas – USA

January 29, 2022

We learned about the Peace Pole project years ago from a local kid’s club called the Junior Peacemakers.  We inherited their wooden Peace Pole, but it got so weathered in the open air that we decided to replace it with a new Classic White vinyl Peace Pole.

About the event:

The Baha’i Community of Harlingen held a dedication of their new Peace Pole on Saturday, January 29, 2022.  Twenty people attended.  The event was held at the :  Baha’i Peace Circle at Ramsey Nature Park, a haven of native plants, birds and animals.  The program included the reciting of short quotations from the Baha’i writings about peace and a brief talk by a Texas Master Naturalist about the plants in the garden. 

As a fun extra activity, each attendee was given a rock painted with a word such as “Collaboration,” “Patience,” and “Faith” that represented a quality we will need to develop to achieve world peace.  Each person then placed his or her rock somewhere in the garden for passersby to find.

Peace Pole owner:  Baha’i Community of Harlingen

Contact person: Steve Wilder

Date of planting (dedication): January 29, 2022

Baha’i Peace Circle
Hugh Ramsey Nature Park
Harlingen, Texas