Ruffing Montessori Shares Message of Peace with Graduates. Rocky River, Ohio USA

For more than 20 years, Ruffing Montessori School has presented mini peace poles to 8th Year students upon their graduation.

Since Education and Peace are woven into the fabric of Montessori Philosophy and Pedagogy. Maria Montessori’s nominations for the Peace Prize twice, it is a natural piece of the school’s curriculum. Having the Peace Poles presented to the graduates is a symbolic culmination of their Montessori education and is meant to remind them they can be, as Maria Montessori said, “Armaments of Peace”. They have been taught to make meaningful contributions toward world peace being “citizens of the world.” 

The peace poles are presented to 8th Year graduates by our Children’s House students, which connects the oldest and youngest levels of the school.  

This year is especially meaningful as our 8th Year students graduated without a formal ceremony due to the COVID-19 coronavirus Pandemic.

This is dedicated to the graduating class of 2020

Thank you to Ruffing Montessori for teaching youth what it means to live in Peace and to be active members of society as global citizens. May you all follow your dreams and never forget where your journey began. You have a brain in your head and shoes on your feet, may you spread the message of Peace to all that you meet. May your love for learning be a quality you never lose, and remember you may steer yourself in any direction you choose.

Congratulations Class of 2020

May Peace Prevail On Earth