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Peace Pole Planted at Secondary School OISHA City, Democratic Republic of Congo

A Peace Pole was planted in the Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC. A venture for only the brave to attempt, all began with a bond lasting over 20 years. In the words of those involved in such a wonderful display of Peace are the events of this very special Peace Pole.

Mitsuko Moroto of GOI Peace Foundation has shared a Peace Pole planting report from Father Pascal from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Father Pascal visited Japan with the guide of our member Mitsuko Moroto san last November.

Mitsuko Moroto shared with us the events leading up to the Peace Pole planting. He stated, “Father Pascal was an essay contest entrant 20 years ago for the International Youth Essay Contest hosted by The Goi Peace Foundation.  He has been communicating with Moroto san from time to time.  He planted a Peace Pole in his country some ten years ago.  He had to travel 2000 km to receive the Peace Pole from Japan to the capital city risking his life and he made it.”

DRC is rich in mineral resources, golds, diamonds, rare metals for computers and etc., and tragically extremely dangerous country in our world to live and survive.  So many armed violent groups including religious extremist attacking people, killing, raping, extortion, kidnapping, enforcing child soldiers and etc. like a nightmare.

Crossing 2000 km has a huge risk to be attacked and killed.  Road is bumpy and cars can get in trouble easily under that kind of condition.  They did it and managed to plant a Peace Pole.

This time, Father Pascal brought the plaques for the Peace Pole from Japan and made the Peace Pole locally.  His fervent wish for peace pushed him to plant it at OICHA city, where a majority of the crimes are being committed.

This is where the Peace Pole would be most needed.  Father Pascal is a very calm and soft-spoken person, but as we can see also has an unbelievably strong heart.”

Father Pascal put his words into writing to discuss his venture, bearing in mind English not being his first language, he eloquently and vividly described the days events.

Father Pascal wrote:

“I’m happy to report you about the Ceremony we held yesterday 22nd January at OICHA City on 12:45 p.m. Indeed, OICHA City is strategical. Violence, killings, kidnappings…are frequent in the area of OICHA from 2014 till now. At the same moment we were planting our Peace pole there was assault and people were killed, but we left the place safely. “

“We planted our Peace Pole at MABALAKO Secondary School of OICHA. The same school is used too as dormitories of internally displaced persons. You can see them in the pictures. “

“After the ceremony we visited them and helped them with some pieces of soap and salt. We helped pupils too with pencils I brought from Japan (gifts of Ms. KIMURA).”

“They were very happy and grateful when I told them that Japanese people and other people around the world are wishing peace to people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Especially to the people of OICHA and BENI (people who are living surroundings OICHA and BENI). They are really suffering and living in bad conditions. Some villages are left by people. “

“They need our prayers; our message was a comfort and consolation for them.”

May peace prevail on Earth
Puisse la paix régner dans le monde
Amani na iwepo duniani
Embolere ivye ehosihosi
Que la paix soit en République Démocratique du Congo 

 Father Muhindo Mapendo Kasongo Pascal 

Thank you to Father Muhindo Mapendo Kasongo Pascal as well as Mitsuko Moroto. Working together to create this momentous occasion, then reporting for us to hear of it. May Peace Prevail On Earth.