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De Kapel Promotes Peace Week in Hilversum, Netherlands

 September 15th to September 23 is “Peace Week” in Hilversum, Netherlands. 

 “De Kapel“ a liberal Faith Community with Christian background promotes each year “Peace Week“ very actively and each year it is part of their program to plant Peace Poles in Hilversum. This year marks their 5th Peace Pole planted.

Lopes Dias Community center accepting donation of Peace Pole.


Hilversum is a city and municipality in the province of North Holland, Netherlands.

5th Peace Pole Planted in North Hilversum during Peace Week

This year, on Septemger 19th, De Kapel donated their Peace Pole to a Community Center in the Northern part of Hilversum, called Lopes Dias.

the unvealing of the 5th peace pole 2018

 “All Peace Poles help to connect each other and The Community Center Lopes Dias also helps to connect citizens of Hilversum” says Father Tom Rijken of De Kapel.

Father Rijken with his very 1st pole outside “De Kapel“ in 2014

More info in Dutch about the Peace Poles in Hilversum:

Thank you to Father Rijken for his contributions to spreading the message of Peace.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

May Peace Prevail in Hilversum

News and photographs provided

by Dagmar Berkenberg from our European office outside Munich, Germany