Santa Claus brings "PEACE" at Christmas – Nocera Umbra, ITALY

Dear beautiful WPPS family,

We just finished a beautiful Peace Pole dedication and a flag ceremony in a small town near Assisi, called Nocera Umbra. The mayor and the cultural local councillor of the town planned this special event on the theme of Christmas, “Saint Claus brings PEACE at Christmas!” I was invited to hold a WPPC in collaboration with Ananda Community. Many people from Ananda joined us and their joy and their purity moved and encouraged us again. Their faces always shine so gloriously with love. Such beautiful people!!

Representing WPPS, I gave a short speech, then our Jasmine, only 19 years old is angelic. She is a representative of youth or new generation. She offered her beautiful loving words. It is so precious to see such a pure elevated soul in youth. I wish you a sweet Christmas full of love and gentleness, and a shining 2011!

Infinite Love and Peace,
Sonoko Tanaka, WPPS Peace Representative in Italy