The World Peace Prayer Society Announces its 24 Hour Internet Marathon -Winter Solstice

December 21, 2009

People from 26 countries participated in The World Peace Prayer Society’s Winter Solstice 24 Hour Internet Marathon.    People from around the world accompanied us in prayer to envelop the Earth with an energy field of Love, Peace and Harmony in the spirit of the Universal Message and Prayer,  May Peace Prevail On Earth.
Prayers were initiated every 30 minutes in a 24 hour marathon around
the world.


Here are just a few of the peace messages sent to us from participants from every continent around the globe!Canada:

Peace Ceremony and participation in the Meditative Vigil in Toronto Canada

“Just a note to let you know that we participated in the meditative vigil and conducted a Peace Ceremony in Toronto Canada at our City Hall from 6:30 pm to 8pm on Dec 21st.  About 30 people gathered at Toronto City Hall for the Peace Ceremony and Celebration.  Patty Hill acted as master of ceremonies and we began with Karthik Raj saying a Sanskrit Peace Prayer or Shloka that set the tone for our event.  Tamara Penn read the universal prayer – The Great Invocation, Lorne Gould read a tribute to long-time organizer Stephen Ginsberg who passed away in September and Lorne Gould and Penny Winestock performed a Peace song.  We then began the Peace Ceremony – we did the inclusive version listing every country and saying May Peace Prevail in ….  read by Barbara Bushe.  Each participant held the land and peoples of the country in their hearts while they held the flag.  Our event concluded with a talk  – Creating a Thought Image of Peace, by Freda Kemp, a song from Paul Chaput – Praying for Peace and a story from Patty Hill.  We would like to thank the World Peace Prayer Society for creating this beautiful event and for hosting the 24 hour Internet Marathon.  Thank-you thank-you!”

May Peace Prevail On Earth! Freda Kemp

La paz, la armonia, el gozo y el amor, reine en todas nuestras relaciones hoy y siempre.


I’m glad to be in meditation with my friends around the world!


We at the MEDITATION Group FOR PEACE AND HARMONY in ISRAEL, are with you as we always are, in the spreading of the MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH message of LIGHT worldwide.


Peace developed, established from within (inner peace) is long lasting.  The Message and Prayer, “MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARHT” is a powerful means of establishing inner peace. 

Sri Lanka

We, Peace Stars Organization from SRI LANKA pray for  peace and harmony for   every one living  thing on earth.


May Love open the hardened hearts so compassion for all those who suffer be felt.

We are all one!