World Peace Prayer Ceremony-Torrington Connecticut, USA

September 11th  and September 21st , 2009

On September 11th a World Peace Prayer Ceremony was held in Torrington, Connecticut, using Flag Cards (**Flag Cards are a beautiful and easy way to have WPFC anywhere, anytime and easily manageable for very small venues such as this!  See below).   It was organized by a Richard St. Laurent who was the inspiration behind the “11 Days of Global Peace” in honor of 9/11 and the International Day of Peace.  The World Peace Flag Ceremony was held in the center of Torrington, where a lovely Peace Pole had been planted a few years ago.  A light misty rain was upon us,  but as soon as we began praying for each country, the rain subsided.   When the ceremony ended, everyone felt elated and remarked how amazing and wonderful it was to pray for each country.   The ceremony was repeated again at the end of the 11 Days of Global Peace on September 21st, 2009.  A great thank you goes to Richard St. Laurent for his inspiration.  What a wonderful opportunity to pray in the center of a small city.

Pamela Beasley, WPPS Peace Representative, Cornwall, Connecticut USA