Peace Pole at Perry School in Sursum Corda, Washington, DC-USA

September 21st, 2009



In honor of the International Day for Peace Little Friends for Peace (LFFP) planted a Peace Pole outside of the Perry School Community Services Center, located at 128 M Street, NW. in Washington, DC, in a neighborhood that receives much negative attention for violence, crime and drugs, the pole emphasizes that Perry School and those within its walls are making a stand for peace in their community. The Peace Pole states, “May Peace Prevail on Earth, in our Neighborhood, and in our Communities.”A dedication ceremony was recently held at which many community members and building workers attended to support the planting and that which it represents. MJ Park, LFFP’s Co-Director, gave a welcome to the group and facilitated the ceremony. The children from the Perry Center, Inc. and LFFP afterschool program participated in the ceremony, explaining and blessing the Peace Pole. Jamica, a fifth grader and afterschool participant, read an explanation of the Peace Pole just before all reached their hands toward the Pole and the closest children actually touched the Pole to bless it for Peace.

Mary Shapiro, founder and coordinator of Sounds of Hope at the Potter’s House, led the children in singing songs of peace including “This Little Light of Mine,” “Two Hands Hold the Earth,” and the “MLK Rap.” Then, children and staff from throughout the Perry School cheered the Peace Pole as a symbol to the community to strive for peace in our daily lives, and to spread that peace to others.