Symphony of Peace Prayers in Merida – Yucatan, Mexico-May 18, 2008

May 18, 2008

On this very special day, we gathered a group of about 50 people to pray for peace, by the organization Merida por la Paz (Merida for Peace), with whom we created the initiative.

The Mayan Priest Valerie Canché led a Peace ceremony in which we shared a prayer and Copal smoke. We could all take from the holy Balché drink, uniting us in requesting peace for the whole earth.

Later Luciano Domínguez led a mantric Kundalini Yoga meditation, in which we participated through singing and prayer.

To continue, Mrs. Lanora Queeckborner shared a Catholic prayer with us that we all joined and sang a song for peace called ‘World Peace Prayer’.

To close, Carmelina y Yolanda gifted us with a meditation of the organization Brama Kumaris in which we performed self-reflection and asked for peace inside ourselves as well as in the planet.

When we finished the prayers, we were guided to the Peace Pole that is located in front of the Santa Ana church in Merida city and delivered flower and candle offerings as symbols of peace for everyone. We sent out the message MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH through the peace pole for each continent and for it to unite with all the poles in the world, forming a network of Peace.