May Peace Prevail On Earth International

Arbor Day at Indian Rock Schoolhouse-April 10 & May 1, 2008

April 10th & May 1st
Facilitator: Ann Linden, Amenia Historial Society

Amenia Elementary School, first- and second-grade classes gathered at the Indian Rock Schoolhouse on Mygatt Road in Amenia, New York in honor of Arbor Day on April 20 and May 1, 2008. First graders planted Eastern red cedar trees, while second graders visited the trees they planted last year.

Jim Dugan (on right) and helpers planting Peace Pole.

All students gathered around the cedar Peace Pole crafted and planted earlier by Jim Dugan on April 18 in honor of the day. Students created a paper chain with eachlink containing a special wish of vision for Peace and participated in the dedication ceremony by draping the paper chains around the pole. Collectively, they wished for peace to prevail in their hearts, homes, school, community and on earth. The chains will be added to one of the historical traveling trunks of the Indian Rock Schoolhouse.

Cricket Sheppard and Jim Dugan speak about the Peace Pole in honor of Arbor Day.

The cedar pole planted at the Indian Rock Schoolhouse bears the message in English, Japanese, Hebrew, Spanish and Braille. Each students visited the pole to “read” the Braille message.

Cricket Sheppard proudly displaying the new Indian Rock Schoolhouse Peace Pole.