Peace Pole mystery solved at the Park along the River, Albany, New York – USA

March 15, 2023

Two mysteries came our way this past week. One was solved fairly quickly with a bit of research.

It concerns the Park Along the River.

Many people have never noticed it but there is a square white post with black lettering on it placed in the Hudson River Way and Riverfront Park.

The question arose this past week of what it is and where did it come from. Some speculated it was Japanese or perhaps from the Chickasaw Nation.

It turns out it is a Peace Pole from the Peace Pole Project Association. Receiving one is considered an international honor and the goal is ambitiously but simply to promote peace on Earth.

This one was presented by Seio Shimada to the New Albany Garden Club in 1996 and the words read “May Peace Prevail on Earth” on one side.

At the time, only seven were presented in Mississippi and were provided by The America the Beautiful Project. Their goal was also to have the Peace Pole be a symbol for improving neighborhoods, creating new park spaces, environmental education and providing food for the hungry.

With the meaning of the Peace Pole brought back, officials are investigating providing a marker to explain the Peace Pole’s history and purpose so it will not be lost again.

Article from:  News Albany Gazette