Beautiful Artistic Peace Pole planted in Peace Hill Garden – Pune, India

January 20, 2022

I was fortunate to be connected with a Peace Pole for the first time at the Environmental Sanitation Institute in Ahmedabad during the inauguration of their Peace Pole some years back which was dedicated by Yuka & Maki Saionji, sisters from Japan of the Goi Peace Foundation. Taking inspiration from there, I discussed my plans with my brother from another mother and my fellow Peace walker & Gandhian Monk – Jalandharnath Channole from Sevagram Gandhi Ashram in Wardha. 

We finalized the design and planned to build same at my daughter’s ceramic products studio – Meta Maati attached to our Ashram cum home RaviKusum in Pune itself immediately after our Peace Pilgrimage in Pakistan. 

Immediately on returning from our Epic Peace Pilgrimage in Pakistan and on the birthday of our chief architect Jalandharnath on Saturday – August 20th we laid foundation for our Global Peace Pole in our Peace Hill Garden.  Practically working on it day and night we got it ready in 30 days and it was launched on Wednesday – September 21st, 2022, for The International Day of Peace to the public by hand of my beloved master Hon. Jayeshbhai Patel the founder of Environmental Sanitation Institute in Ahmedabad.

Our Peace Hill Garden Zone, our Global Peace Pole is located in between statues of my Peace inspiration Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave.  Also, there is a Chaunsa Mango tree, that was a gift that was brought from Pakistan as a symbol of INDO PAK Brotherhood.

Our Global Peace Pole has soil from Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad & Sevagram,  Gandhi Samadhi in New Delhi, banks of Ganges, Karachi,  Shikarpur & Lahore cities of Pakistan and also from our Pune Ashram RaviKusum in Pune. Also, another miniature Buddha head sculpture was put during the making of its foundation. 

A Peace pole is a monument that displays the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in the language of the country where it has been placed. In line with our Indian culture and my personal beliefs, we have chosen to call Earth as Mother Earth.

Our Peace Pole reads as “May Peace Prevail on Mother Earth” in two national languages – Hindi & Gujarati and two international languages – English & Japanese.

With deepest gratitude and love, may PEACE prevail on Mother Earth.

VishwaMitra  Yogesh 
Pune,  India