Asbury Woods & the Presque Isle Rotary Club Unveil Peace Pole in Erie Pennsylvania – USA

November 2, 2022

Asbury Woods unveiled a new fixture with a special meaning. In collaboration with the Presque Isle Rotary Club, the nature reserve revealed a brand-new Peace Pole.

This universal symbol of harmony and unity bears the message “May peace prevail”, which is written in four languages on all four sides.

Peace Poles like this can be found all over the world. There are an estimated 200,000 that have been planted since the global project began 50-years ago. 

“We really think that harmony and nature, harmony with other species, harmony among humans is really representing with the message ‘May Peace Prevail On Earth,'” said Jennifer Farrar, Executive Director. “So, we’re really excited to host this first Peace Pole in Erie; thanks to the generosity of the Rotary of Presque Isle.” 

Promoting peace is a core value of the more than 46,000 rotary clubs around the world.