Peace March and Peace Pole dedication in Karkonosze Mountain in POLAND   

June 6, 2022

On Monday, June 6th, 2022, we had a Peace March and Peace Pole dedication ceremony in the Karkonosze Mountains, on the Poland-Czech Republic border.

The Peace Pole dedication ceremony consisted of  students from the local schools, Ukrainian refugees, members from the local authority of the Czech Republic and Poland, to include the representative of Border Guard, the representative of National Forest authority, the Aikido members and others.

We chose to use flags to represent the following countries:   Poland, Japan, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

The purpose of this event was to celebrate the reconstruction (after 30 years) of the small bridge between Poland and the Czech Republic border, which is a popular tourist way.

I gave a speech with the message,” that is no difference between race, nationality nor religion, because we are one humanity, even in this difficult time.”

Submitted by: Jacek Kozlowski  Peace Representative in Poland for May Peace Prevail On Earth International.