The Journey continues with the Traveling Peace Pole from Sacramento California to Sedona, Arizona – USA

May 2, 2022

I left Sacramento on April 14th, 2022.

 I needed to go away, in solitude, to be in a place of healing and to send my loving energy to all areas in conflict. 

I drove about five hours each day.  I made reservations at KOA campgrounds. Everything worked out great!   I remained in Sedona,  until the date of my departure,  on April 29th

I spent a day hiking in the Boynton Canyon,  which is said to be a high energy vortex area (science based vortex) that was cherished by the native people of the land.

All along my travels, I handed out the little, white, “1 inch” round buttons bearing the peace message “May Peace Prevail On Earth.”  If the person receiving the button has curious and receptive energy, I would tell them about Masahisa Goi and May Peace Prevail On Earth International.

My heart feels so good doing this work and making new, peace-conscious friends along the way.  I would generally ask the person if I can take a picture of their hands holding the button because I did not want people to feel uncomfortable about being asked to take a selfie with a stranger. However, most people automatically expressed  such joy when I tell them about the  peace message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” that I feel okay asking them to take a picture with me.  No one has declined so far 👏🏽!

Here’s just a few of my photographs to share.

I also like to place the button in nature or in some public places where many people will see it and perhaps take a picture of the button without removing it from its place.

I attended an Earth Day celebration on April 22 and another one on the 24th.  I set-up my Traveling 4-language Peace Pole for everyone to enjoy.

In Gratitude,

Major Reneé Marie, U.S. Army Retired, 2017

Founder, Peace Poles for Schools, 2001