Mayor unveils Peace Pole in city of Troisdorf, GERMANY

April 27, 2022

A symbol of peace contributes to the city’s appearance in Troisdorf.

A Peace Pole has been planted with the participation of refugees from Ukraine.  It was initiated by May Peace Prevail On Earth International-The Peace Pole Project movement.  These Peace Poles are planted worldwide.

Mayor Alexander Biber, unveiled the wooden Peace Pole with its inscription “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in the following languages:   German, Russian, English and Ukrainian. 

The Mayor received participation for the Peace Pole planting, from the Ukrainian refugees, who recently fled to Germany from Ukraine, due to the war.   Now they reside in Troisdorf. 

In Mayor Biber’s speech, he stressed the value of a peaceful world and affirmed the willingness to give shelter to the Ukrainians. 

Currently, six-hundred and twenty-five (625),  war refugees live in Troisdorf. 

Oxana Georgieva then spoke.  She is from Ukraine but has been living in Troisdorf. 

She explained, that each refugee brought tears and stories of suffering, but they also brought hope for their survival and for a peaceful time in Troisdorf, Germany.

Ukrainian women had baked biscuits in the shape of “peace doves” and distributed them
to the guests. 

Father Hein Kieseier organized the musical entertainment. 

May Peace Prevail On Earth.
Dagmar Berkenberg, Munich Office
May Peace Prevail On Earth International