WSU Sculpture Guild presents Peace Pole Sculpture-Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A.

April-June 2015

The WSU Sculpture Guild of Wichita State University and our advisor, Associate Professor of Art, Barry Badgett, wanted to share with you the Peace Pole we created for Wichita State University.  It is the first permanent student sculpture installed on our campus!


A few students worked with Professor Badgett and another sculpture faculty member, James Brewer (retired in May) to bring this Peace Pole to our campus.  Global Faith in Action group on campus thought it would be a good idea to bring one to campus and our group was excited to make it happen.


On March 5, 2015 the sculpture guild and our advisor spoke at the Peace Pole rally to tell everyone about the process of creating and constructing the Peace Pole.  We showed a power point presentation and the Marquette. Global Faith in Action also invited Reverend  Dr. Gerald Durley to speak at the rally.

On April 23, 2015 we had the Peace Pole dedication ceremony where people tied ribbons onto the sculpture and placed some small hand painted stones around it.

The sculpture was installed in April 2015.   It was officially finished (everything besides the aluminum plates) in June, when we mounted the aluminum plates with ‘May Peace Prevail On Earth’ onto it in the seven languages.
WSU Seven Language Plates
The sculpture stands 16 to 17 feet tall with a base that expands 7 feet in diameter.


Attached are photos showing each aluminum plate around the base cylinder.  The languages are English, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, German, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

We used seven languages because there are seven continents.

Attached are a few photographs of the finished Peace Pole sculpture.

Submitted by Kristen Tripp, WSU