Water Blessing Marks Anniversary of Japanese Tsunami

March 9, 2014

Sunday, March 9 marked the Third Annual Commemoration of the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima. The Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition, along with the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Riverkeeper, Sierra Club and other coalition members observed this event and stood in solidarity with the people of Japan whose lives have been disrupted forever as their homes and land have been turned into an exclusion zone.


Jun San Yasuda, a Buddhist nun from the Grafton Peace Pagoda, led a Peace Walk to the Peekskill Riverfront Green by the icy Hudson River. WPPS UN Representative, Rev. Deborah Moldow, along with other local members of the clergy, was invited to address the crowd that gathered there for a ceremony for the Blessing of the River and the Waters of the World. Deborah thanked everyone for holding the light of the new consciousness, bringing forth the wisdom of indigenous traditions and ancient religions that teach us to live in harmony with nature. She led everyone in repeating three times, “May Peace Prevail Upon the Waters. May Peace Prevail on Earth!”